Dear Student,

The decisions taken by our Institute's management regarding the midterm exams to be carried out in all programs (including regular Distance MBA Program) in line with the distance learning principles determined by the Presidency of the Turkish Higher Education Council and the Istanbul University Rectorate, in the face of the new Coronavirus disease Covid-19 epidemic, are presented below.

  • Midterm exams (vize), which could not be carried out due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, will be held by assignment or project implementation method, the instructor deems appropriate.
  • Instructors will announce their assignment or project topics to the students until May 4, 2020 via I.U.AKSIS and I.U. OYS systems.
  • Students will upload their assignments or projects to the system until June 5, 2020 via “Add Assignment/Projct” (Ödev Yükleme) interface, which will be opened on I.U. OYS System by the date April 24, 2020. (After June 5, 2020 the system will be closed to upload the assignments/projects) (Students who are registered in the regular Distance MBA Program will submit their assignments / projects via Regular Distance Education Learning Management System, before June 5, 2020.)
  • Instructors will evaluate the assignments or projects and will enter the grade to the AKSİS system as Midterm Exam (Vize) grades until June 19, 2020.
  • According to the decision taken by the Higher Education Council of Higher Education on 31.03.2020, the students who have technical / technological restrictions such as equipment shortages and internet access problems in terms of participating in the assignments and projects will be able to request obtaining leave of absent (registration freezing) in the Spring Term of 2019-2020 and the period of registration will not be counted from the maximum period. You can review the detailed information about the obtaining leave of absent (registration freezing) application from the "Announcements" section of the website of our Institute
  • The final exam schedule will be evaluated and announced until June, 2020, depending on the situation of the pandemic.